• How to select the right personal trainer for you!

    1st March 2019

    How to select the right personal trainer for you!

    At findmypersonaltrainer.com we believe embarking on any sort of fitness journey is a very unique and personal experience, it's different to every person. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just a beginner we believe you should always enjoy your training.

    Selecting the right trainer for you is imperative as a personal trainer can help push you the extra step further in your training so you don't just hit your targets but truly excel on your fitness journey. A trainer can provide an expert level of knowledge which can add structure and in depth detail to your sessions aswell as helping to educate you for the future.

    STEP 1 - Decide what you want to achieve

    It's always a start to have an idea in mind of what you want to achieve before you set out looking for a trainer to suit you. Many different trainers on our site specialize in differnt aspects of fitness, if your goal is to achieve weightloss or just general well being then you wouldn't necessarily pick a trainer who specializes in sport specific training or bodybuilding. It is inevitable that some trainers will be great for your needs but others may lack the skillset for what you want specifically. Remember the more specific you can be with your goals the easier it will be to find the right trainer for you.

    STEP 2 - Do what you enjoy

    As we previously touched upon, "getting fit" should be fun... Make sure you inform the trainer you are enquiring with what you enjoy doing. A good trainer will incorporate what you love into your sessions. Training excersises and routines that you enjoy will help eliminate boredom and make you more inclinded to keep hitting the gym and participating in sessions with your trainer. Be open with your trainer, all of our trainers on the site are great but they arn't mind readers!

    STEP 3 - Ask for a taster session

    Personal trainers due to the nature of their job are generally very friendly and outgoing individuals, they have invested interest to keep you happy so you keep coming back for more sessions. Once you think you have found the right trainer for you dont just jump in straight away. Most trainers offer a free 30/60 minute session so you can get a feel for how they work and decide if you would like to train with them for the forseeable future. You wouldn't buy a car from a dealership whithout taking it for a test drive first!

    STEP 4 - Follow them on social media

    Personal trainers are a wealth of knowledge, a good thing to look for when selecting a personal trainer is whether or not they post good fitness advice and content on their business social media pages. In our opinion a good PT should be active on social media giving tips to their followers and clients. As a client this is another place where you can essentially get free advice on training, so use it, that's what it's there for!

    STEP 5 - Be open with your trainer 

    As we previously said a fitness journey is unique to everyone, if you arn't enjoying your sessions with your chosen PT then tell them and give them a chance to change things up so that you begin to enjoy your training again. We believe it's always healthy to have a friendly and open relationship with your trainer but the bottom line is you are the client and they are the trainer. You are paying them to deliver a professional service that you want to achieve results from. The moment you stop enjoying your training or stop achieving your results is the time a good trainer will switch things up to rectify it.

    In summary, picking the right personal trainer for you should not be a hard task, if you stick to the few simple steps above then we assure you that you wont have a problem finding the right trainer for you on our site. If you as a client ever have any questions about any of the PT's on our site then please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@findmypersonaltrainer.com 

    Thanks for reading and good luck!



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