• Making the perfect profile page

    5th March 2019

    Making the perfect profile page 

    Findmypersonaltrainer.com is the perfect platform for personal trainers to expand their client base. Client's have access to hundreds of trainer's profiles within their area so it is imperative that as a trainer your profile stands out so they get noticed by the client. In this blog we will be revealing the secrets to creating an epic profile page!

    TOP TIP 1 - Profile Picture

    Humans are naturally visual learners, our brains are naturally drawn to imagery over written text, your profile picture is the first thing a client will be greated with when visiting the site. It is important that your profile picture is of a good resolution and not pixalated. Trainers are more likely to get picked if they are pictured themselves in their profile picture however some trainers opt to use their company logo which is also fine! A picture can speak a thousand words so make sure its relevant to the gym and fitness NOT a picture of you on a night out!

    TOP TIP 2 - Training Location

    The whole point of our site is that clients can find trainers local to them. You'd be surprised how many trainers sign up and forget to put their location! Try to put the location you train clients out of as this will be the most relevent, NOT your home address... if there are multiple locations or you are mobile then be sure to include this in your bio.

    TOP TIP 3 - Write and extensive bio

    Your bio is the second thing that clients looking at your page will see, ideally your profile will include a short biography about yourself - for example how you got into personal training or things you are particularly passionate about. Your bio is your chance to convey to the client why they should pick you as opposed to another trainer in your area, make it stand out! The more information you can tell the client about yourself the more inclined they will be to pick you, one of the qualitys of being a good PT is making the client feel comfortable and having a good raport with them so the more they know about you the better!

    TOP TIP 4 - Qualifications 

    To sign up to the site you automatically have to be a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer however if you have any further qualifications to do with health and fitness then include them! Most trainers on our site are also nutritionists and hold other certifcations in specific training areas whether that be weightlifting, crossfit or even sport specific training such as being sprint coaches or swim coaches. Generally the more qualifications a trainer has the more likely the client will be to drop them a message.

    TOP TIP 5 - Chase clients for reviews

    People love reading a review, when you have gained a client from the site, get them to leave a review. This could be the dealbreaker for when a client is deciding which trainer to pick on the site. There is no better marketing then that of a recommendation so be sure to chase your clients to review you on the website. Your reviews will come up underneath your profile, be sure to share these on social media for extra exposure!

    TOP TIP 6 - Add content to your profile 

    As our website was created by personal trainers we have thought of everything when it comes to getting the most exposure and clicks on your profile. In your profile you have the option to upload blogs, videos and photos of your gym. Doing all of this further informs the client of what you are like as trainer and a person. Training videos are great as they give the client an insight into how you train and some of the excercises they may be taking part in when training with you. Blogs are free advice to your clients, uploading blogs also shows you are making an active effort to share your knowledge with people visiting your profile and giving them a taste of your expertise. CONTENT IS KEY

    TOP TIP 7 - Social media tags

    There is that old saying "social media is free marketing" and it couldn't be more accurate. On your profile you have the option to dd your social media URL's and tags. We recommend this as it is another way clients can find more out about you and have an insight into "your world" most PT's have dedicated social media platforms, if you dont have one we recommend creating some with instagram/facebook and linking them to your FMPT profile.

    We hope the few tips above can aid you in creating an awesome profile on findmypersonaltrainer.com just adhering to these few simple tips can set you apart from everyone else and make your profile the best it can be!

    Thanks for reading and good luck!

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