Help and Advice

Personal Trainer Questions
  • What shall I include on my personal profile?

    The most successful profiles are the trainers who provide the most information on their page to make it as full and detailed as possible. Your profile should show your passion for fitness, make sure you include what makes you different to everyone else, STAND OUT!

    What to include on your page?

    • Get across what your main specialities and key skills are
    • Include comments you have received from clients you’re working with or past clients
    • Gyms you have previously worked at
    • Any fitness/sport related qualifications you have that will support your profile
  • Am I obligated to train everyone that contacts me via

    No is the simple answer. Your client list and training schedule is totally up to you. It may be a good idea to use your profile to highlight your availability so that users understand when you can train them before they even contact you.    

  • Can I use my profile page on promotional material?

    Absolutely! You should think of your profile page as your very own website. So if you want to include it in any posters, flyers or social media channels, you are totally free to do so!

  • Is the platform Nationwide?

    We are happy to confirm is a Nationwide service, we cover all of the United Kingdom, the service will soon be launched Globally!

  • Do I have to pay a fee for every client that contacts me through the site?

    Our service is super simple to use, all you do is pay a monthly subscription, it doesn't matter if 5 or 50 clients contact you our prices won't change!

User Questions
  • Why should I use a personal trainer?

    Just like anything, if you are working with a dedicated professional you are going to get better results. Personal trainers can often help you in many other ways than just getting fit! They will be able to advise you on other activities that you could consider and thing like nutrition and how to avoid injuries.  

  • How often should I train?

    It’s totally up to you. It’s whatever works best with your lifestyle. We would recommend you training with a PT 3 times a week, but if that's not something you can commit to every week then you should commit as much time as you can. Speak with your PT and they will be able to recommend some other exercises that you do as a part of your daily routine, so you can constantly keep on top of your new fitness regime. 

  • Where’s best to train?

    Different people like different training environments. If you like the great outdoors and you don’t mind an audience, then a training session in the local park would be great for you. If you get more of a buzz from working out in a gym- then there’s no reason to go elsewhere. We think that it’s always good to mix it up, though. Again, speak with your PT and they’ll be happy to advise you.  

  • Is my personal trainer going to put me on a diet or make me stop smoking or drinking alcohol?

    Personal trainers are dedicated professionals that genuinely want the best for their clients. They may give you nutritional and lifestyle advice - but it is up to you if you want to make those changes.

  • How much does a personal trainer cost?

    Just like any professional service or advice, there is no standard cost, although you should expect to pay anything between £20 and £100 per hour, depending on what type of training you are participating in and also where it is based.