• Lyfbar Telford - Nutrition Hotspot

    26th March 2019

    Lyfbar Telford - Nutrition Hotspot 

    At findmypersonaltrainer.com we applaud any business that truly is endeavouring to make a positive impact on the fitness/nutrition industry. This week's feature is Lyfbar; located in Lawley, Telford.

    Their statement - "To provide you with a real solution, we believe healthy food should fill your stomach without emptying your wallet. At the same time we are always striving to be more sustainable, as we all are responsible for nourishing our own planet"

    Lyfbar offers a chilled out vibe when you walk in, you have the option to eat in or take out. They have a wide range of different meals to suit everyone. They market their business at everyone whether they are into fitness or not. We can vouch for this as when we have personally visited a wide variety of people walk through their doors from families with small children to your obvious gym freaks!

    The fitness industry has been crying out for something like Lyfbar for a long time now, places are few and far between where someone wanting to eat clean can grab a convenient meal. Normally people have to resort to meal prep companies which from our own experience can be a nightmare, they are normally overpriced, inconvenient and taste terrible, Lyfbar however will soon be bringing out their own meal prep service which we are sure will blow everyone else out the water if their eat in place is anything to go by. 

    Our recommendation - Lyfbar has their signature "Lyfbox" which has become a firm favourite of our team, we have been having them pretty much every day since the bar opened! The Lyfbox allows you to build your own box, you pick your protein, carb, veg and sauce. For us its always steak, couscous, spinach finished with sriracha and tzatziki! Another thing to note that is if you are tracking your macros Lyfbar offers the full split to all their ingredients on their website. If you still have room after the Lyfbox and your macros allow it also try one of their protein brownies or Nutella cookies, you won't be disappointed.

    As we said the fitness industry needs more places like Lyfbar where everyone can get their healthy nutrition fix, if you're from the Telford area or passing through then you need to put it on your list of places to stop off at. Drop Lyfbar a follow on Instagram @lyfbaruk to find out more information about them visit their website www.lyfbar.co.uk , once you have dropped in let us know what you think!

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