• Protein iced coffee recipe

    12th March 2021


    All you need is:

    -300-400ml milk (blue, green or red top).
    -Impact whey protein powder Coffee or Mocha flavour.
    -Coffee granules.
    -Blender or shaker bottle.
    -A tub to mix your coffee granules in.
    -Ice cubes.

    1) Pour your milk into the blending bottle, I used 300ml here.
    2) Melt your coffee granules in just enough water, not too much.
    3) Add melted coffee into the blending bottle.
    4) Add your protein powder into the blending bottle.
    5) Add ice cubes.
    6) Then blend and enjoy.


    This recipe was written by Tegan Cadwallader. Instagram:@tegan_alice_pt

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