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    3rd April 2021

    Over the last 10 years, one area had become more and more prominent to me when it comes to seeing results. 


    When a client actively chooses to prioritise their health and fitness above all else, they are surprised at how well their health and fitness improves. 

    Whether you have children or not. Understanding where your focus goes, energy flows. 

    Simply put. Where you invest your time and energy you will see results. 

    What makes this process of physical success hard, is children. I never truly appreciated this until recently when I had my first children. My beautiful baby girl was born and she is amazing. Now I have a life full of love but one thing is harder, finding the time to workout!

    What I have had to consciously decide on is MAKING the time to workout. 

    I am very fortunate to work in the fitness industry and be around the gym 6 days per week for anywhere up to 10 hours per day. I run two businesses, in-person coaching and online coaching. To say I am busy already would be an understatement but a child in the picture makes the decision harder to make. 

    With any hard decision comes the mindset of which is the right decision and which is the easy decision. 

    The easy decision is to go home and lie down on the sofa in front of the TV giving my daughter an iPad while I drink a beer. (something I never do because I am not much of an alcohol drinker and she is 2 months old but you get the idea).

    The right decision is that when my daughter is asleep at night, I need to be asleep. I need to prioritise my recovery first to be able to take care of her. 

    The right decision is to make healthy food choices for me so I can be healthy and be a role model to her so she can live a healthy life. 

    The right decision is to get my workouts in when my wife can look after our daughter and then I can do the same for her when she wants to workout. 

    If you are a parent of a child, single or married, we all know the right decisions for us. It’s part of being an adult. What it takes is the responsibility for our decisions and actions to make them a reality. 

    You only need to control a few variables. Your training, get 3 workouts in per week and aim for 10k steps per day (Maybe take the kid/s for a walk). Eat 3/4 meals per day with a good balance of protein, carbs l and fats with plenty of veggies! Finally, sleep! Aim for 6-9 hours depending on your body and your schedules. Netflix series and movies will always be there. Plus you can probably watch 1 episode and be good with that for the day. 

    Try these simple steps above and if you need guidance, support or even a coach. Find someone who aligns with you and ask for their help! It makes that investment in yourself so much more worth it. 

    Instagram: @andrewchadwick30


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