• body composition analysis versus weight only analysis

    31st March 2021

    When it comes down to measuring your weight loss progression what method do you use?

     Do you go by the weight the scales show you?

     This is an indication of how your weight loss transformation is going but is it the only way to measure progression.

     When it comes to measurable data this may not give you the true reflection of your results, yes you may have lost weight but what have you truly lost?

    Body Composition

     Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis helps you gain a better understanding of your body composition. This means you can analyse your muscle mass, water hydration levels and body fat, you can even break this down to visceral fat (stored within the abdomen) and subcutaneous fat (stored beneath the skin). By measuring your body composition you begin to gain a better picture of how your body transformation is progressing, weight loss alone doesn’t tell you how much fat you have actually lost or how much muscle you have gained.

     The more you know about your body composition the better your trainer/ coach can develop a plan to help you push past the weight loss plateau and continue your journey. It will also ensure you do not lose too much fat, especially for women a body that is too lean can bring about other health issues.


     Understanding your body composition will help determine the correct training and nutritional plan to get your body to where it needs to be and reduce long term health complications.

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