• Crushed Protein - This weeks featured supplement

    14th March 2019

    Crushed Protein - This weeks featured supplement 

    A lot of the time supplements can be very misleading, many supplement brands sadly prey on the inexperiance of new "gym goers" by using bright, attractive packaging, bullish branding and often claiming their supplement will get you "shredded" or "add lean muscle" we are sorry to burst your bubble but food supplements do not do this! In an ideal world no regular "gym goer" should feel the need to take supplements but in the hustle and bustle of the age we live in the right supplement can be a convenient and effective way to stay on track with your nutrition, hit your macros and give your body the boost it needs without having to sit down to eat! In this weeks supplement feature we will be having a look into Crushed Protein which is an insect based protein (Stick with us! Give us a chance to explain!) we will be giving some of the pros and cons to using supplements and why we think Crushed Protein is genuinely a great product. 

    Crushed Protein's powder is called "No Whey" it sort of speaks for itself but incase you hadn't clocked onto it yet the protein does not contain any Whey, Whey is the byproduct of milk and cheese production, it is probably the most popular and widely distributed substance within mainstream proteins, this is because whey is considered to be a complete protein as it contains all 9 amino acids, in a nutshell it's very effective at aiding protein synthesis and promoting lean muscle growth (NOT GUARANTEEING IT) however there are other forms of protein bases that can be used as an alternative; which brings us onto Crushed Protein.

    Crushed Protein is made from crushed crickets, yes you heard it right, like whey they contain all 9 amino acids so are a complete protein. If we compare crushed to a mainstream protein like Maximuscle Promax Whey, they both have the same amount of protein in them per serving (24g) Crushed Protein also only has 7 ingriedients which we think is great, a lot of large supplement companies use fillers in their proteins to boast a higher serving content but it essentially makes the protein content smaller therefore you get less value for money.

    As we mentioned whey is the most widely used complete protein however it can often hit some people with side effects, especially those who are lactose and gluten intolerant. Whey can cause, stomach cramps, bloating, nausea and headaches. One of Crushed Protein's main aims is to provide an alternative to people who suffer from this as crushed has no dairy or gluten and is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) its also 100% organic which is great to see.

    So apart from the above why choose Crushed protein over conventional whey? Apart from the above mentioned nutritional benefits Crushed Protein has a number of ethical benefits such as such as, crickets which are used to make the protein produce 100 times less greenhouse gases than cows. They require 12 times less feed than cows and require less land as they can be farmed vertically. Finally they require 10,000 times less water then cows which further reduces the strain on our environment.

    In summary at findmypersonaltrainer.com we believe it is always good to support an underdog and that's why we love Crushed Protein, they are defying the conventional supplement market by introducing something different and not to mention sustainable to the industry, they don't hide behind misleading nutritional information but instead provide you with a top class protein alternaive that works! Not to mentiont that it tastes great (take our word for it!) 

    Always remember a supplement whether that be Protein's, BCAA's or Creatine's are there to supplement your diet and training NOT replace it, always do your on research on a supplement before impulse buying and if you have the choice get your nutrition from food not supplements.

    The guys at Crrushed protein have been kind enough to give our readers and members a 20% discount when using the code "FMPT" check out their site www.crushedprotein.com for more information!

    Thanks for reading and good luck!


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