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Zoe Roberts

  • ZLR Fitness
  • Personal Trainer based in Luton (LU1)
  • Covering: Bedford,Dunstable,Luton
  • Luton
  • LU1
  • Luton
  • LU1


  • Gender: Female
  • Years Established As Trainer: 7
  • Available To Train: Female

Hello there! I am Zoe the founder of ZLR Fitness. I now have my own private 1-1 facility which means you can have a bespoke individualised service that doesn't include walking into an intimidating gym environment. Over the last 7 years I have built a brand called The ZLR Warriors which is a community of ladies that want to transform their shape, drop body-fat, along with increasing their health, happiness, self-worth and confidence!

At ZLR Fitness we are dedicated to putting the client first and take a very holistic approach to every client's needs. 

As much as we want to get you feeling better physically we work a-lot on behaviour's & mindset which all contribute to positive well-being.

 I can travel to you if you are in Dunstable but I do recommend travelling to me because the facilities I have on offer are brilliant! 

If you are travelling to me I will take this into consideration and take a fee off the final price. 

If you would like to get in touch with me please use the website button or email option at the top!  

Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer, L5 Diploma In Nutrition, M10 Personal Training Mentorship, Aqua Aerobics Instructor, Gym based boxing,  Spin Instructor 
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Online Training
  • Weight Lifting
Trainer Reviews
    I have gained so much confidence, health & happiness!

    I struggled with my weight & eating habits. I was far too gone and was concerned about getting health problems. Ic are to Zoe because of how professional she is with clients, her radiation of positivity as well as her own journey! Zoe has changed my whole mindset with how I look at food. Along with how small changes can always lead to incredible wins! With Zoe, you can always rely on her as she's always on hand to give help and support whenever you need it! My whole life has changed down to training and eating healthily. I have gained so much confidence, health & happiness! This is all down to Zoe!

    Emma H
    I'm really pleased with the results

    I have been with Zoe a while, my goals were to lose weight, tone and get my body confidence back! I can safely say that I have achieved these goals allowing me to end my 2019 on a high! I've lost 1.5 stone which I didn't even think would be possible! I have gone down a dress size and wore a high waisted bikini for the first time in years! Plus I finally have the photos to prove it! I feel so much happier in myself and I couldn't have done this without Zoe!

    Finally love all of me

    I found it so difficult to be in the gym! I would not lift weights or try the machines and hated the idea of going to the gym on my own! I approached Zoe after doing some of her classes at the gym which I thoroughly enjoyed! I was very motivated by her and she definitely appeared to practice what she preached! Zoe is very professional and approachable which made it very easy for me to make the jump for 1-1 personal training with her! I feel happy, healthy and more confident in myself! I look forward to all the next stages of my journey working towards optimum health and wellness! I finally love all of me!

    I would of never entered the weight room before!

    I am so glad I have Zoe as my personal trainer! She has given me so much confidence and what I love is that she really cares about me! Over these last 6 months, I've grown so much in my confidence and I would have never entered the weight area of the gym before! With Zoe's help, I have defined my shape, improved my overall strength along with my health and happiness! I couldn't recommend her enough to others!

    Zoe is absolutely amazing!

    I have been working and training with Zoe for the past year and oh my goodness! The change in myself has been astounding! Not only have I managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I've also learnt so many skills on training in the gym! I have gained a much better understanding of nutrition and how I can take care of my body! Zoe is absolutely amazing- she's kind, caring and very considerate of your needs. She tailors your program specifically for you, so you are able to get the best out of your fitness journey. I couldn't recommend Zoe enough!

    Emma C
    Great for a complete approach to health!

    Zoe is a great personal trainer and really does focus on the full aspect of health.. Exercise, nutrition, recovery and mental health. Would really recommend to anyone who wants a complete approach to health.

    I would highly recommend to anyone!

    Zoe has helped me stay on track and progress with my fitness, making me much stronger and more confident, she is very motivating and I would highly recommend to anyone!

    Great PT!!

    Great PT, really makes you work hard along with very enjoyable sessions! Very friendly and chatty, always able to accommodate my shift work which is super helpful!

    Vicky L
    Very professional, hard working and kind!

    Zoe made me feel comfortable straight away with not much confidence in the gym. I really enjoy the sessions and I am impressed with the change in my body in such a short space of time. Zoe is very good at giving praise where it's due and motivating you. We always have a good time in our sessions being of a similar age catching up and having a laugh whilst working out hard makes it all the more enjoyable. Very professional, hard working and kind young lady!

    I would recommend to all!

    Zoe is such a motivational PT that I recommend to all! Every session she pushes you to your limits whilst you're enjoying the exercise at the same time! Thank you for everything so far!

    Zoe has helped me to grow in confidence!

    I have had a couple of sessions with Zoe now and absolutely love them! Zoe has helped me to grow my confidence which has helped my gym sessions so much & made them enjoyable again! She always makes time for our sessions and I love her motivation emails!

    I'm emotional to think how far I have come!!

    Over 20kg lost and can't believe it! I'm emotional, sensitive and in tears to think I have come this far in a short space of time! Let's just say I've been hiding low to work on a better me! I lacked so much confidence and was in such an unhappy place when I initially started with Zoe. I'm so happy with my journey to where I've got but it's far from over! There are times I wanted to give up but Zoe has kept me motivated and focused! Couldn't have done any of this without Zoe, she has been my rock & inspiration along with always inspiring me to keep going even in my lowest and darkest times! Thank you so much!

    I have a new found confidence in the gym!

    Zoe has been supporting me & motivating me through my fitness journey for a few years now. Zoe is dedicated & has given me a newfound confidence in the gym that has allowed me to challenge myself with a consistent workout routine. I really couldn't recommend ZLR Fitness enough!

    I have way more body confidence

    I came to Zoe to help me not only lose weight but improve my confidence & well being! With Zoe's help, I have dropped over 12 kilo's of body fat. But on top of this, I have way more body confidence finally loving what I see in the mirror! This process has also enabled me to gain much more knowledge than ever on nutrition! I would definitely recommend Zoe to others as she has helped me so much! Thank you!

    I've gained so much strength & confidence!

    I had a friend recommend Zoe, she said that Zoe was amazing & had really helped her with her fitness but her self-confidence as well! I knew this was something I also needed! I've managed to lose weight, feel more confident in myself & not be so self-critical with Zoe's help! I've gained so much strength and no longer feel weak! I would definitely recommend Zoe! She is so much more than just a PT!

    With Zoe's help I regained focus & motivation to look after myself again!

    I started with Zoe in the midst of the worst year of my life! I saw how Zoe had helped my friend & my friend encouraged me to reach out to Zoe too! I really wanted to find myself again! With Zoe's help, I regained focus & motivation to look after myself again! I regained a love for movement & understanding how giving myself just a simple 20 mins a day to check in on myself has made all the difference! The inches dropping & added weight loss is nice, but what's really amazing is the way I view myself! I would highly recommend Zoe to others! Thank you Zoe!

    Zoe has guided & supported me in order to help me on my journey to a better me!

    Zoe is an amazing personal trainer!
    Zoe has guided & supported me in order to help me on my journey to a better me!

    I came to Zoe because I was ready to make a change but needed help!

    I came to Zoe because my friend had recommended her & I was ready to get healthier! Although I was ready to make a change with my health I knew needed support, help & guidance so I reached out to her! I tried a trainer before but had no success in actually losing the weight. However, with Zoe's help so far I have lost up to 4 stone in body fat all whilst learning about nutrition, training & mindset! Through this process I have become more body confident and I am getting so much stronger in the gym which is a fantastic bonus! Thanks Zoe!

    I find my sessions with Zoe really positive & informative!

    I reached out to Zoe as I saw her info in the gym! Zoe has helped me not just in the gym but also the other aspects such as nutrition and my mindset. I find my sessions with Zoe really positive & informative! With Zoe's guidance and support I have learnt how to do the correct technique on exercises, increased my strength and finally understanding how to tone my body shape!

    I now wear crop tops to the gym, feel confident with what I look like & my relationship with myself is so much better!!

    I reached out to Zoe because I had very low body confidence! I felt very weak within myself, knew I needed a structured routine & I was struggling to put weight on. I could tell Zoe was super relatable so I knew I could trust her. Zoe is very friendly, well priced & really took the time to understand my goals to create a plan tailored to that! After working with Zoe I now wear crop tops to the gym, feel confident with what I look like & my relationship with myself is so much better. I look in the mirror and love what I see!! I'm finally seeing the results from lifting heavier, following a consistent workout regime and progressing in every session! I eat and enjoy food but still maintain a good weight! I love going to the gym & I finally have a toned tummy & booty to show for it! Thanks Zoe!

    I never thought I could enjoy going to the gym but I’ve well and truly fallen in love with it!

    I reached out to Zoe because a friend recommended her to me and I had body confidence issues. I needed help with my lack of nutrition in my diet and what to be doing in the gym in order to get my body shape toned! I had mental health issues surrounding my current weight and the way I viewed my body. With Zoe's help I have managed to lose body fat and start the process of toning up my body shape. I have so much more confidence in myself than I had before! I finally understand how to balance my lifestyle, continue to eat the foods I love & the importance of a consistent gym routine. Zoe has thoroughly taught me what I need to do in the gym to achieve my body composition goals. I feel amazing! Not only that but I feel so much healthier than I ever did before! I never thought I could enjoy going to the gym but I’ve well and truly fallen in love with it. I love seeing the changes it’s made, not only physically but mentally as well! Thanks Zoe!

    I gained so much confidence, dropped body fat, transformed my shape & achieved my goal in less than a year!

    I came to Zoe because I was struggling with my weight and after having children & I wanted to get my pre-baby body back! Zoe was very professional and I knew she would be able to help me achieve my goal from the start. I gained so much confidence, dropped body-fat, transformed my shape and achieved my goal in less than a year!
    It was an absolutely amazing experience to work with Zoe and achieve the goals we set out. Thanks for all your help and support!

    Everyone needs a cheerleader like Zoe in their corner!

    Zoe has helped me so much! When I'm down or in a bad place she's the person I can reach to for support. Zoe sends the most supportive voice notes and messages which really helps me to see the positive side when I struggle to see it myself. Zoe is so much more than just a PT! Everyone needs a cheerleader like Zoe in their corner! She is always reminding me of my achievements & how far I've come! Thanks hun!

    In all honesty I can't believe how little my diet did change if at all!

    I came to Zoe in May 2021 through lockdown! I was feeling so low about my weight and my confidence was at an all-time low so this made me want to reach out!
    I was so scared the chocolate would overrule my diet which has always been a massive issue of mine!
    Luckily for me, Zoe incorporated this into my diet which was such a massive thing for me! In all honesty, I can't believe how little my diet did change if at all!
    I have managed to lose up to just under a stone with Zoe's help. As a result, I am feeling so much more confident and accomplished!
    I would 100% recommend Zoe she isn't just a quick fix wonder! She puts 100% into not only your physical well being but your emotional well-being too! She's friendly, approachable and amazing!

    To see my body change & progress to where I am today has been an incredible experience!

    I started with Zoe because I struggled with my motivation and body confidence! My first impressions of Zoe was she was very welcoming, along with being knowledgeable about health & fitness! I went with Zoe initially to learn about nutrition, gain confidence, push myself with new challenges and to make sure I don't injure myself by doing exercises incorrectly.
    Zoe pushed me in all my coaching sessions along with outside of the gym so I could reach my full potential! To see my body change & progress to where I am today has been an incredible experience!
    I have achieved so much in my time with Zoe, she has helped me gain knowledge & confidence in the gym atmosphere! It has made me realise that everyone in the gym is on a journey to better health and that everyone is at different stages! I go into the gym feeling safe and less self-conscious, mainly because everyone has to start somewhere. However, I've realised it does take time to see results! With Zoe as my coach, who gives a unique and tailored way of training has made a huge difference in the results I've achieved! It stops the continuous feeling that you are not progressing! Zoe helps you stay motivated when you have bad days or even weeks. Everyone has them, but with Zoe keeping your spirits up & having an understanding of everyone's struggles enables you to feel cared for in every session.
    I highly recommend Zoe to whomever would like to make changes to their lifestyle, fitness and or physique!

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