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Payam Postchi

  • 80-20 Training Pro
  • Personal Trainer based in Bury (BL8 2SL)
  • Covering: Bolton,Bury,Manchester,Middleton
  • Stealth Gym
  • Bury
  • BL8 2SL
  • Stealth Gym
  • Bury
  • BL8 2SL


  • Gender: Male
  • Years Established As Trainer: 3
  • Available To Train: All Genders

Working with adults/ athletes, ages between 18 and 50. I can help toward Fat loss goals, Muscle gain, Nutrition or any sport specific fitness. I believe being active and healthy should be a fun and enjoyable part of your life, by teaching you the 80-20 balance you can enjoy all the little things and stay on track with your fitness goal/fat loss goals. FITNESS isn’t just about six pack abs or big booty, it’s a part of it, but a healthy balanced life style is a better way to describe fitness. I aim to deliver results and not promises. If you’re training with me, we laugh, we sweat and we get results. If you want better results tomorrow then you need to work harder today. 


REPS Level 3, S&C level 4, Nutrition Level 5, FitPro 1st Aid, 

  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Online Training
  • Aerobics
  • Circuit Training
  • Weight Lifting
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One-on-one Personal Training
From 1 to 4 sessions per week
1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes
Price starts from £180 to £560 per month
Online Coaching
1 contact a week
Starts from £150 per month
Trainer Reviews
    12 months program

    Manages to reduce visceral fat and build muscle mass within a year. Very friendly, extremely pushy and never fails to make you laugh even when you are at your limit.

    Neg Jeffries
    What an amazing PT

    What an amazing PT, helpful in every step of your journey through training. Friendly and insightful, when asking questions he's always got the answers to your query. Couldn't ask for more in a PT.

    Warren n
    Best PT

    I honestly cannot recommend Py enough!! He has developed my strength training and built my confidence. He has provided me with both information on nutrition and exercise and I can see the results of all of this. Not only has he helped me with my confidence, my training and diet but he has made it a fun experience. Would highly recommend

    Great trainer!!

    Payam is a fantastic PT and extremely knowledgeable. I had been without a PT for a couple of years and had developed up a few bad habits which he corrected straight away. He pushes you exactly when you need it and is an absolute joy to be around. Even though you might hate him at the time, you will always walk away with a smile on your face and feel great (physically and mentally). Thoroughly recommend!!!

    Personal Training

    Knowledgeable and friendly Payam has motivated and helped me maintain focus by being results-driven.

    Great PT

    Started with Py online in Jan 2021 and within 6 months I’d lost nearly 2 stone, toned up and felt great. Py was awesome at mixing up bodyweight exercises on Zoom whilst also providing me with my calories and protein needs in order to gain the success I’ve seen. Thank you!

    The best pt

    Py is honestly the best pt, so friendly but pushes you when you need it. I've enjoyed every session and he has helped me with my knowledge and confidence where now I can train in the mixed bit of the gym by myself which I would’ve never done before. Every session is so enjoyable and gives great results. Definitely recommended!

    Great PT

    Can't recommend Py enough. He has helped me so much with my training and diet and is very knowledgeable. He pushes me in the gym to help me reach my goals, whilst making it fun at the same time. Great PT!!!

    What an amazing pt!

    Py is so passionate about health and fitness and you can really tell by how knowledgeable he is. Whenever I’d ask a question he’d always have the answer and would explain the science behind it too. Py makes you feel so at ease straight away, but will always always push you to your limit. I have learnt so much from Py which has helped me feel a lot more confident in the gym. If you’ve been thinking of getting a pt for a while but are too scared to take the plunge then Py is the pt for you. I can guarantee you won’t regret it!

    Sophia Cabuderra
    The best of the best!

    I am SO thankful that I managed to find Payam as a PT nearly a year ago – he has changed my life in multiple different ways. Payam makes every session enjoyable, different, and worthwhile. With Payam I was able to build confidence within myself and within the gym environment. I made so much progress in such a short period of time when training with him. He always makes sure improvements are being made and goals are being worked towards. I have had a few different PT’s in the past and Payam is by far the best. What makes him stand out from the rest is the clear passion and love for his job and how much he wants you to do well! He is a very kind, caring and understanding person who will listen to any problems you may have and try to address these both professionally and friend like. One thing I especially rate about Payam is he doesn’t just put you through a session which any basic PT can do, he also educates you which I think is super important. I know from training with him since the start of this year, I am so much more educated in areas such as weight training, diet and overall fitness and the importance of it all. Payam is ideal for someone with a hectic lifestyle like myself as he is very flexible and also offers online coaching. As well as this he is always on hand for a chat or a message which is very helpful for when training on your own! He really does go above and beyond for all of his clients so if you’re looking for a PT who actually grafts for the money, is willing to put work in for you and is worth paying then Payam is the PT for you! 😊

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